we complete...your...brand

by creating and elevating

branding components

that shape your business.

Work with us if you haven't evolved your visual brand identity for many years, your brand doesn't stand out in your category, your visual expression is inconsistent across businesses or geographies, or you're planning a merger, acquisition, expansion or spin-off and need to reevaluate your visual identity.

complete...your...brand is a design firm specialized in Corporate and Product Branding. It's about your brand and a compelling expression of your business strategy. We unlock the potential of your brand, differentiate from competitors and care for the right impression at your staff, customers and consumers. We offer design services in the form of single products or packages. Our working process is flexible to your individual needs and we draw on many years of in-depth experience in brand development and brand building, national and international.

We combine our knowledge from Corporate and Consumer Branding and develop solutions in three categories


We localize gaps and weaknesses, search for possibilities and develop an action plan.
Environment / Trend / Media / Appearance / Tools / Structure / Message


We design single components, media, the whole brand appearance or the strategy behind.
Positioning / Personality / Structure / Name / Claim / Logo / Typography / Imagery / Symbols / Key visual / Layout Principle / Form / Material / Interaction / Mood / Massaging / Website / Stationary / Brochures / Animation and Film / Packaging / Signage / Corporate Identity / Product Brand Identity


We develop media and measures for an efficient implementation and accompany these.
Guidelines / Templates / Systems / Training / Supervision

Brands provide orientation and create trust

Our staff comes with a rich experience, from top positions at Interbrand and Jung von Matt, the leading brand and design consultancies. We provide orientation by an open supply structure and a subsequent process. For us it's the final result what counts with a very clear opinion. We combine our knowledge from corporate and consumer branding for smart solutions. Cause smart solutions generate customer benefits, differentiate from competitors and justifiably create trust.

Brands communicate competence, attitude and style

We burn for the ideas and tasks of our clients. This ist what we live for. In order to build a brand experience we transform strategies into shapes and colors and make use of typography, imagery and material. Simply said: complete...your...brand means to live out and find complete expression. Starting with ourselves we strongly believe that people need to feel comfortable to develop great work. Our clients will profit from this approach.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, branding happens in the mind

It is crucial what message and impression reaches the customer and consumer. Branding starts with an idea. Design brings ideas to life. We merge single components into an overall picture, getting into the minds and leaving a lasting memory. We don't sell a specific design style. We sell a design language adapted to media and tasks. For our clients we're always available in person, flexible, fast and full of ideas.

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